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crime scene tape

investigation and arrest

The investigative phase of a case is often the most important part because it is where most of the evidence is gathered. In a typical case, the investigation can be short-lived—such as in a DUII or property offense, where the police investigate suspicious circumstances. The investigation can arise from a 911 call reporting suspicious circumstances, a report of domestic violence, or something as simple as a traffic stop.  


Often, On cases involving the work of detectives, the person being accused of the crime will not know that an investigation is taking place. The investigation may take place over the course of several days, weeks, or months. 

During the investigative phase, a person may be called into questioning. It is important that if you are asked to visit with police, that you understand your rights under both the Oregon and the Federal Constitution, namely that you have the right to remain silent. Should the police call and request an interview, you have the right to decline. If arrested, you have the right to remain silent and ask to speak with a lawyer. 

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